Transportation Services Division


The Transportation Services Division provides the planning, engineering, operation and maintenance for the Municipality of Meaford road infrastructure, and forestry network. The Transportation Services Division is responsible for maintaining the Operations Department Fleet of approximately 80 units.

The Municipality of Meaford has approximately 400 kms of roads within the framework of a classification system, which provide for the safe, efficient and affordable means of surface transportation for all road users.  Of those 400 kms, 225 kms are hard topped and 175 are gravel roads.  Transportation users rely on the Municipality’s roadway network throughout the year for transport to the workplace, to recreation and leisure facilities, for the transport of goods and services, and for emergency services.   The activities within the Transportation Services Division are many and varied, and consist primarily of a combination of administrative, roadway  maintenance, winter control, and field operations.


  • - Preparation and Maintenance of annual budget and cost control
  • - Directing the maintenance operation and day labour construction
  • - Commenting on development proposals, severance applications, minor variance applications, zoning     changes, etc., as they affect the Municipality’s Road System
  • - Administering the access permit system, special event permit system, and sign permit system
  • - Updating the Municipality’s road and bridge condition studies
  • - Performing traffic counts, turning studies, maintaining traffic information, and participating in transportation studies
  • - Involvement with equipment procurement, insurance claim defense, and municipal drains

Roadway Maintenance

  • - Carry out regular patrols of the Municipality's roads, thereby determining the appropriate level of service and correcting deficiencies, within time frames as indicated by the Level of Service Policy
  • - Maintain road surface - sweeping, pothole patching, crack sealing, grading, gravelling and dust control 
    -       shoulders - gravelling, grading, and washout repairs
    -       roadsides - grass cutting, litter pick-up, tree cutting, tree planting, weed control, etc
  • - Roadway safety features - pavement line marking, sign maintenance, guide rail/beam/wire maintenance, street lighting maintenance
  • - Drainage & structures - ditching, bridge cleaning and culvert, manhole, and storm sewer cleaning and repairs, etc.
  • - Maintain and repair the Municipal fleet, (12 plows, 14 pickup trucks, 4 graders, 23 trailers and off-road vehicles, 1 bucket truck,   1 handi-van, and 25  smaller pieces of maintenance equipment)
  • - Involvement with entrance culvert installations and access permit applications

Winter Control

  • - Conduct winter condition road patrols at least once per day, seven days per week during winter control season from November 1st to April 15th inclusive. Patrols will be conducted at intervals to ensure that response times for the respective road classes can be met
  • - Maintain service levels for the removal of Snow Accumulation on all Municipal Roads.  Delivery of that service will be by the most appropriate method as determined by staff, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • - Maintain a response time and level of service for remedial action to be taken to correct an icy road condition, dependant upon the class of the road
  • - Provide sanding, salting, and plowing operations to certain sidewalks within the Urban Area of the Municipality of Meaford, in high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and the downtown core

The Municipality of Meaford hereby advises that Reduced Load Limits are authorized under the Highway Traffic Act and will be in effect on municipal roads from March 1st to May 31st Annually. Please watch for signage.


For more information please contact the Municipality of Meaford Operations Department at 519-538-1060 ext. 1315.