Arts and Culture


Come and enjoy the arts and culture of Meaford with a visit to Meaford Hall and the Meaford Museum. On the picturesque Meaford Harbourfront, the Museum boasts a wide variety of local artifacts to take you back in time, while Meaford Hall plays host to all kinds of entertainment from musicians, to films, to children's programming.

Meaford Hall

Meaford Hall hosts events including live theatre, music, films, dance and entertainment as well as community, corporate and social events.

Meaford Museum

Meaford has a robust and unique history that transcends it's borders and delights all those who visit to learn about it.

Meaford Public Library

The Meaford Public Library is the hub for knowledge and forward thinking, where everyone feels welcome and community pride.


Find an Event

Sat Jul 23 @12:00AM
Evergreen Summer Reading
Sat Jul 23 @12:00AM
“A Different Kettle of Fish” Grey Highlands Artist Collective
Sat Jul 23 @10:00AM - 03:00PM
Art Attack!
Sat Jul 23 @ 7:30PM - 09:30PM
LSF #3 - Common Ground: Jazz meets the Classics
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