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21 Trowbridge Street West
Meaford, Ontario N4L 1A1

The roles of Legislative Service/Clerk include the preparation and circulation of Council documents and maintaining the original copies of all by-laws and minutes of Council. The Director of Legislative Services/Clerk is responsible for requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and for the conduct and administration of Municipal elections. The Director of Legislative Services/ Clerk issues marriage and lottery licenses. The Legislative Services/Clerk’s office also has a Commissioner of Oaths for signing affidavits and statutory declarations. There is a $20.00 fee for this service and government issued photo ID is required.  For family travel and senior pension documents; the fee is $10.00. 

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Director of Legislative Services/Clerk
(519) 538-1060 ext. 1115
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Deputy Clerk
(519) 538-1060 ext. 1100
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Records Coordinator
(519) 538-1060 ext. 1133


Lottery Licensing


The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario regulates Charitable Lottery Licensing for the province.


Click Here to get more information about obtaining Lottery Licences in our Municipality.

Committee Applications

No vacanacies are available at this time.


To get married in Ontario, you must first complete a marriage licence application form.  The Marriage Licence Fee is $135.00 (non-refundable), payable by cash, Visa, MC or debit.  No cheques please.

Applicants are encourage to set up an appointment for the licence to be issued on the same day, providing that the information is complete and correct.

A marriage licence is valid anywhere in Ontario for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance.


A marriage licence can be issued to either one or both parties named on the application. At least one party must be present to obtain the licence. Both individuals must sign the completed marriage licence application form, and the absentee party must provide their original identification for the licence to be issued.

Click Here to get more information about getting married in Ontario.


Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Provincial Act) and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Municipal Act) give you the right to request access to government-held information about you. It is the responsibility of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario to ensure your right of access is  protected.

icon FOI Fact Sheet (191.92 kB)

icon FOI Mini Guide (353.97 kB)     www.ipc.on.ca

icon Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act - Request Form (53.71B)


icon Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privact Act - Appeal Form (143.12 kB)

Livestock Claims

Under the Ontario Livestock, Poultry and Honey Bee Protection Act (LPHBPA), livestock and poultry producers are entitled to make claims to their local municipality for livestock losses attributable to attacks by wolves, coyotes or dogs.

Click Here for more information regarding livestock claims.
To learn more about the new Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, click here.

Livestock Evaluator:  Ross Laycock  (519) 371-3009


Coyote/Wolf Predation Compensation Claim Form

Process for Coyote Compensation Claim


Citizens' Charter Working Group (CCWG)

Final Report - July 28, 2014

Terms of Reference

Apr  07 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Apr  17 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Apr  30 2014     Agenda     Minutes
May 14 2014     Agenda     Minutes
May 28 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jun  02 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jun  04 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jun  11 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jun  16 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jun  18 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jun  30 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Jul   21 2014     Agenda     Minutes

Public Engagement Sessions

July 3, 2014 - 7 pm - Woodford Hall

July 15, 2014 - 7 pm - Meaford Hall 

Bognor Community Hall

Bognor Community Hall

March 3 2015       Agenda  Minutes
April 7, 2015         Agenda

April 1 2014      Agenda    Minutes
May  7 2014     Agenda    Minutes
June 3 2014     Agenda    Minutes
July  8  2014    Agenda    Minutes
Sep  2 2014     Agenda    Minutes
Oct 7 2014       Agenda    Minutes-meeting cancelled
Nov 4 2014      Agenda    Minutes

Riverside Community Hall

Riverside Community Hall

February 18, 2015      Agenda Minutes
March 18, 2015          Agenda

Jan 15 2014      Agenda    Minutes
Feb 19 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Mar 20 2014      Agenda     Minutes
Apr 16 2014      Agenda     Minutes
May 20 2014     Agenda     Minutes
June 18 2014    Agenda     Minutes
July 23 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Aug 20 2014     Agenda     Minutes
Sept 14 2014    Agenda     Minutes
Oct 15 2014      Agenda    Minutes
Nov 12, 2014    Agenda    Minutes
Dec 17, 2014    Agenda    Minutes

Property Standards and Licensing Committee

Property Standards & Licensing Committee 

Feb 03 2014     Agenda       Minutes
Feb 18 2014     Agenda       Minutes
May 12 2014     Agenda       Minutes


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor who received the most votes in the municipal election.  All three members will be required at a meeting for quorum purposes.  The Nominating Committee shall review citizen applications to serve on various committees, boards and other bodies and make recommendations to Council.

                  Mayor Barb Clumpus
                  Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield
                  Councillor Shirley Keaveney

August 26, 2014        Agenda    Minutes
December 4. 2014    Agenda     Minutes
January 26, 2015      Agenda     Minutes

Accessibility Advisory Committee


March 4, 2015           Agenda

Coat of Arms Working Group


April 8, 2015           Agenda