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Stephen Murray
Economic Development Officer
Municipality of Meaford 
Tel: 519.538.1060 ext. 1220
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    

The Economic Development Officer (EDO) is part of the CAO's Office and works closely with a range of partners to strengthen the economic position of the Municipality of Meaford.  The EDO is the main staff point of contact for existing and prospective businesses and is available to provide support through the Municipal approval process; provide site selection and support services; provide promotional support and work with you for your expansion or relocation plans as well as property search and local real estate contacts.  

The Municipality of Meaford has a number of key strategies fundamental to our economic development objectives. 

1. Meaford Economic Development Strategey

One of the key strategies is the Meaford Economic Development Strategy (MEDS).  This approach focuses on developing strategies for growing the economic strength and resilience of the Municipality of Meaford. The objective is to create a thriving economic environment in general, and a larger and more diversified tax base.  

There are currently four pillars of economic activity in the Municpality of Meaford: 

• Agri-business
• Tourism
• Retail
• Green business

The Meaford Economic Development Strategy (MEDS) Final Report is provided: 
icon Meaford Economic Development Strategy (563.08 kB)

A review of the MEDS strategy has been initiated whereby a more focused three year plan will be developed. General background on the process is found at Business Information .

2.  Meaford Waterfront Strategy and Master Plan (draft) 

3.  Community Improvement Plan (CIP) 

4.  Heritage Conservation Study and Plan

The Municipality of Meaford also manages a business directory which provides a complimentary listing for local and regional businesses: Business Directory

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