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Financing Resources

Government grants, loans and financing self search tool www.canadabusiness.ca/eng/search/sof/ 

Getting Money for your business

Types of Financing
Financing for Specific Purpose
EXPORT Finance Guide. This guide helps you determine the type of export financing you need and where to find it.

Small Business Internship Program. Get funding to hire a student to help you implement e-business practices and technologies that can increase your sales or improve productivity.

EXPORTExpressCredit. Loan to promote your business abroad or boost production to meet an export order.

BDC Subordinate Financing. An alternative way to finance the growth of your profitable business.

BDC Term Loans. You can get flexible debt financing for a wide variety of business projects.

BDC Venture Capital. An alternate source of funding for your technology-based business.

Centre for Business and Economic Development. This is a Community Futures Program which can help with funding for starting or growing a business in our area.

Book Publishing Industry Development Program. Financial assistance for your Canadian book publishing business.

Next Generation of Jobs Fund - Jobs and Investment Program. Expand your business and develop innovative products for global markets with a grant of up to 15% of eligible costs. Projects must create or retain at least 100 high value jobs, or invest $25 million over five years.

NextGen Biofuels™. If your business produces biofuel (ethanol or biodiesel) using the latest technologies, and your product has been successfully tested, you can get money to help market it.

NORTHSTAR Trade Finance Inc. Your foreign customer can get financing to purchase your products and services.

MUSICACTION. Financing to support the French language recording industry and its artists.