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The Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) is a law passed by the Ontario legislature that allows the government to develop specific standards of accessibility and to enforce them. The standards are made into laws called regulations, and they provide the details to help meet the goal of the AODA. The AODA is the foundation on which the standards are built. The purpose of developing and implementing accessibility standards is to identify, remove and prevent barriers for people with disabilities in key areas of daily living. Under the AODA, the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service is the first standard developed to become law (Regulation 429/07) on January 1, 2008. Public sector organizations were required to comply by January 1, 2010, while other providers of goods or services are required to comply by January 1, 2012.

The standards set requirements in a number of key areas and will be reviewed at least every five (5) years. New requirements may be added. The goal of the Act is to make the Province of Ontario completely accessible by 2025.

Advisory Committee

March 4, 2015     Agenda     Minutes

Accessibility Standards

Businesses and organizations that provide goods and services to people in Ontario will have to meet certain accessibility standards in five (5) key areas:

♦ Customer Service
♦ Transportation
♦ Information and Communications
♦ Built Environment Standards
♦ Employment

Currently, the Customer Service Standard is the only AODA standard to become law. The other four (4) standards are in various stages of development. The Municipality of Meaford is committed to working towards being compliant with all of the standards under the AODA as they are introduced.

Customer Service Policy

The Municipality of Meaford’s Accessible Customer Service Policy

The Municipality of Meaford has developed an Accessible Customer Service Standards Policy:

 icon Accessible Customer Service Standard Policy (480.34 kB)

This policy was approved by Council on March 9, 2009, Resolution #010-104-2009. The Accessible Customer Service Standards Policy demonstrates the Municipality’s commitment to sound governance, accountability and focus on service excellence.

The Municipality of Meaford’s policy statement is as follows:

♦ Municipal goods or services will be provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.
♦ Municipal staff will take into account all goods or services their department provides to the public and integrate/accommodate, whether temporarily or on a permanent 
basis, to enable a person with a disability to obtain, use or benefit from the good or service.
♦ The Municipality of Meaford shall ensure that all residents, including persons with disabilities, are given an equal opportunity to obtain, use and benefit from the good or service.

The policy includes information on the following:

♦ Providing good and services to people with disabilities
♦ Communication
♦ Use of service animals and support persons
♦ Notice of planned and unexpected service disruptions
♦ Staff training
♦ Feedback process
♦ Format of Municipality documentation
♦ Notice of availability of documents

All documents found on our website can be made available in other accessible formats where practicable and upon request.


Accessible Customer Service Training

Municipality of Meaford employees, contractors, vendors and volunteers are required to complete training which includes:

♦ Purpose of the Act
♦ How to interact with people with various disabilities
♦ How to interact with people who may use an assistive device or the assistance of a support person, guide dog or other service animal to access goods and/or services at the Municipality
♦ What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty accessing services
♦ Details of the Municipaliy's Accessible Customer Service Standard Policy


The Municipality of Meaford welcomes public input and comments on the provision of goods or services to persons with disabilities. Feedback helps identify areas where changes need to be considered and ways in which we can improve the delivery of accessible goods and services. Feedback may be provided by telephone, in person, in writing, by e-mail or by filling the online form.

Customer Feedback on Accessibility Form

Please direct feedback to:

     The Municipality of Meaford
   Robert Tremblay, Municipal Clerk
     21 Trowbridge St. W.
     Meaford, Ontario
     N4L 1A1
     Fax: 519-538-1556
     Phone: 519-538-1060 ext. 1115
     Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Service Disruptions

Notice of Service Disruptions

In the event of a planned service disruption to facilities, services or systems, the Municipality of Meaford will provide notice of the disruption in advance.

The notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities, services or systems that may be available. Notice may be given by posting the information in visible places, including the Municipality’s webpage, or by such other method or means as is reasonable under the circumstances.

In the event of an unexpected disruption, the Municipality shall provide notice as soon as possible. Current service disruption notices can be found at the Service Disruption Page


What Businesses Have to do to Comply With the Accessible Standards Customer Service

Find out more on the requirements of businesses under the legislation and how to comply, please:

1. Visit:
2. Call 1-866-515-2025, TTY: (416) 325-2408, TTY Toll Free: 1-800-268-7095
3. or Fax: (416) 325-3407